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The M-NEX project respects the Ethical Research Conduct from the European Commission for Research and Innovation. The project ensures the ethical treatment of all participants of the Urban Design Projects (workshops on location). This is achieved by obtaining consent, properly managing personal data and privacy, as well as respecting local cultural and legislative requirements, values, preferences and constraints. Prior to consenting to participation, participants of the workshops are clearly informed of the research goals, possible adverse events, possibilities to refuse participation or withdraw from the project, at any time, and without consequences. Participants are required to be competent to understand the information and will be fully aware of the consequences of their consent. Data pertaining to name, function and affiliation of Urban Design Projects attendees are collected and stored. These data will remain identifiable. All other personal data (behaviour, financial information, religious beliefs, etc.) are not collected. Personal communications are treated confidentially. Data management is discussed in Annex 2. Prior to undertaking local stakeholder engagement, each project partner will submit a report of their respective engagement of human subject within a research project for Internal Review Board (IRB) assessment to ensure proposed methods are in compliance with national funding agencies and partner institution requirements. Finally, no dual use of research outcomes, use of (laboratory) animals or hazardous materials are identified in this project.