Professor | 教授

  • Wanglin YAN | 厳網林

Graduate Students (Ph.D) | 博士課程

14Ruiyi ZhangCritical review on land-use regulation in the suburbs of Tokyo Metropolitan Area 2020.04
13Xujie HuAssessment of resource use efficiency through the lens of food-energy-water nexus in Tokyo Metropolitan Area2019.09
12Qiannan ZhuoAssessment of Impact and Effect of Community-based Solid Waste Management System in Japanese Municipalities2018.04
11Fahd Mohamed Omar Al-guthmyMind the Gap: Personal Carbon Trading for Road Transport2017.09PhD(2020.09)
10Yutaka TokushimaDevelopment of Plastic Recycle System and Social Practice in Bohol Island, the Philippines. 2016.09
9Kyunnei KirillinaSpatiotemporal Characterization of Contemporary Fire Regimes in Russian Boreal Forest under Impact of Climate Change and Increasing Anthropogenic Activity2016.04PhD(2020.09)
8Ahmad Muzaffar BaharudinDevelopment of sensor systems of livestock in Mogolia2016.04
7MuriadiData for Monitoring Deforestation of Tropical PeatlandLand in Indonesia2015.09PhD(2019.09)
6Goumehei ElhamWater body detection and monitoring using optical and SAR remote sensing2015.04PhD(2020.02)
5Haitham AlkhalafBenchmarking Energy Performance of Benchmarking Energy Performance of Accommodation Buildings Using Regression and ANNs Models2014.09PhD(2018.09)
4Hossein VahidiMethods for Quality Assurance of Volunteered Geographic Information in Tree Inventory Spatial Databases2014.04PhD(2018.03)
3Akihiro ObaImpacts of Climate Change on Livestock-grassland Systems in Mongolian Plateau and Development of Information Tools for
Early Adaptation
2Majed BouchahmaMethodology for automatic detection, analysis and prediction of shoreline change2010.04PhD(2012.12)
1Ponthip LimlahapunThe Development of the Web Integrated System for Flood Monitoring and Early Alert2007.09PhD(2011.12)

Graduate Students (Master’s) | 修士課程

78岸本慧大東京における都市農業の食料・水・エネルギーネクサス | Food-Water-Energy Nexus in Urban Agriculture in Tokyo
79曾百梓首都圏における水素ステーションの最適配置計画に関する研究 | Optimal hydrogen station allocation plan in Tokyo metropolitan area
1鴫原史也GISによる都市緑地の環境価値の総合評価Master (2005.03)
2稲葉佳之都市近郊における里山地域のエコシステムサービスの評価Master (2007.03)
3横塚広美冷却ポテンシャル指数による都市熱環境の評価Master (2007.03)
4萩原理史ものづくり産業支援事業による企業間連携の効果分析ー王子市を事例としてMaster (2009.03)
5重松浩一郎タクシー交通によるCO2排出の評価と政策提言Master (2009.03)
6原悠樹マップマッシュアップによる地域魅力の発見と街づくりへの展開Master (2010.03)
7大場章弘半乾燥地の村落における放牧圧の評価と適正化提案Master (2010.03)
8横山夏来都市山村連携による森林整備手法の提案Master (2010.03)
9下村玲郊外住宅リフォームによる環境効果の評価Master (2011.03)
10小林知記都市における太陽光普及のマルチエジェントシミュレーションMaster (2011.03)
11謝舟丹都市生活用水危機に対するリスク管理と対応の評価-中国無錫市を事例として-Master (2012.03)
12葉章二東日本大震災後の意識・行動変化に適応した太陽光発電普及モデルの提案Master (2012.03)
13真鍋佑紀住宅向け太陽光発電ポテンシャルの評価Master (2012.03)
14前田達也スマートフォンを活用した地域観光サービスの開発と実験Master (2012.03)
15斯琴中国における廃食用油回収システムの実態調査と改善提案Master (2012.03)
16木村詩織中国内蒙古自治区科尔沁砂地内植林地における樹木成長に影響を与える立地要因の分析Master (2012.03)
17朱効琛長江下流沿岸における飲用水取水口の安全性評価と保全策Master (2013.09)
18龍吟GISによる地滑り災害リスクの評価ー中国パンジフア市を事例としてMaster (2013.09)
19Eky Yenita RistantiFeasibility Study of Cocoa Processing Plant for Biomass Utilization in Makassar, IndonesiaMaster (2013.09)Indonesia Linkage
20Mattew JonesClimate Change and Cultural Heritage in Japan: A Case Study of Itsukushima ShrineMaster (2013.09)MEXT Scholarship
27MuriadiAssessment Of Vulnerability to Flood: A Case Study in Sambas Regency, IndonesiaMaster (2013.09)Indonesia Linkage
28Obed Milton SimamoraLand-use change patterns and driving forces of sub-urban area in Indonesia: A study case in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta ProvinceMaster (2013.09)
21朱宇鵬中国における市民参加型化学工場の環境リスクマネジメントシステムの構築Master (2014.09)
22栗媛太湖水質改善のための農業面源汚染抑制策の実施とその効果の分析-中国の蘇州市を事例として-Master (2014.09)
23張慎彦Impact of Air Temperature Change on Birds in HokkaidoMaster (2014.09)
24秦啓明Study on the Current Situation and Policy Issues of Household Waste Classification in Shenzen, ChinaMaster (2014.09)
25林耘曲The Issues of Gentrification and Living Right Harm in Urban Regeneration of Taipei, TaiwanMaster (2014.09)
26塩飽圭亮自治体における太陽光発電導入促進補助政策の分析Master (2014.09)
33KardonoLessons Learned from REDD+ Related Project in Indonesia—Supporting Factors and Challenges for Community ForestMaster (2014.09)Indonesia Linkage
34Nurhayati RinaRisk Perception and Responses of Coastal-Flood Prone Community on Sea Level Rise---Case Study of Bontang Kuala Fishermen's Village, East Kalimantan of IndonediaMaster (2014.09)Indonesia Linkage
29Peilin KongThe Role of NPO in Post-Disater Reconstruction in Tohoku, JapanMaster (2015.09)
30Nan YangDevelopment of Agricultural GIS for Reconstruction in Minamisoma CityMaster (2015.09)
31Ganbold EnkhmunkhThe Environmental Quality Assessment of the Tannery Industrial District in Ulaanbaatar City of MongoliaMaster (2015.09)JDS scholarship
32Dashidondog Gerelt-odThe Environmental Assessment of Gold Mining in Zamaar Goldfield of MongoliaMaster (2015.09)JDS scholarship
36Jingshu He中国山西省における石炭のグリーン物流の評価および対策に関する研究Master (2016.09)
37Xue BeiThe rehabilitation of cities after disaster by activating cultural and natural resources for tourismMaster (2016.09)
38Tulga ErdenechuluunInvestigating issues and practices of land reclamation in surface coal mines of MongoliaMaster (2016.09)JDS scholarship
40呉ジョ恒南京中心歴史街区の保存と再開発の研究ー仓巷街区を例としてーMaster (2016.09)
41李丹Current Industrial Wastewater Policy in China and its Future Improvement Potential -Case study at Paojiang industry park of ShaoxingMaster (2016.09)
48PonchoToward Sustainable Community Forest Governance: Case Study of Maju Bersama Cooperative Community Based Plantation Forest Program in Tebo JambiMaster (2016.09)
35余晨義里地里山における地域資源を活かしたエコツーリズムの推進-埼玉県飯能市を事例にMaster (2017.03)
42金森貴洋Assessment of the accessibility of relocated towns in Kesennuma City, Miyagi PrefectureMaster (2017.03)
43Julia Filipe VasconcelosCost Benefit Analysis of Bus Lane and Bus Rapid Transit System in Maputo City MozambiqueMaster (2017.03)ABE Scholarship
46Fahd Mohamed Omar Al-GuthmyNew Model of Motor Vehicle Taxation to Achieve Kenya’s INDC Emissions TargetMaster (2017.09)World Bank Scholarship
47Purevjamts BayarmandalRisk assessment of water pollution in sub-urban area of UlaanbaatarMaster (2017.09)JDS scholarship
49Uuganbaatar ZulkhuuDesigning water harvest system in Gobi area for climate change adaptationMaster (2017.09)JDS scholarship
55Boby RozanoMonitoring Urban Form Transformation using GIS/Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Yogyakarta Urban Area, IndonesiaMaster (2017.09)Indonesia Linkage
56Saifillaili Nur RochmahAssessment of Community Waste Bank System in Kendal RegencyMaster (2017.09)Indonesia Linkage
64Noor AsyhadiThe potential of using Twitter for Urban flood regional preparednessMaster (2017.09)Indonesia Linkage
65Jimmy SitanggangFactors Underlying Motorcycle Ownership in Urban Fringe. Case Study in Pekanbaru, Riau ProvinceMaster (2017.09)Indonesia Linkage
66Irma Dewi AnggrainiSustainable Solid Waste Management Toward Community ParticipationMaster (2017.09)Indonesia Linkage
52横山魁巨大地震における津波災害廃棄物発生量の推計方法Master (2018.03)
53さくせいなん資源循環を図るための家庭でのごみ分別—水俣市における生活系ごみの分類・収集方法とその効果について—Master (2018.03)ABE Scholarship
54Assane NgomDesigning a collaborative management system of municipal solid wastes in Dakar between the formal and the informal sectorMaster (2018.03)ABE Scholarship
45Have Kweun NamUrbanisation and Urbanism in Korea and JapanMaster (2018.09)DD student, Yonsei University
50久嶋悠輝巨大地震における津波災害廃棄物最終処分場の能力推定Master (2018.09)
51Sakr Ahmed Fekry HassanSocial entrepreneur’s new business approach toward an ecological tourism village.
Environmental, social, economic impact---The case of Gharb sohiel – Aswan Gov – Egypt
Master (2018.09)ABE Scholarship
57Damdinjav GanbuuregMapping the soil pollution of Urban with GISMaster (2018.09)JDS scholarship
58Qi CaoOffice Building Energy Consumption Prediction Based on Historical Data: A Case Study of Kanto Region, JapanMaster (2018.09)
59Haoyi XiuAssessment of Solar Plants
Considering Regional Characteristics
Master (2018.09)
60Yang WangBased on NDVI values and the precipitation to assess the overgrazing in the gobi area of south of MongoliaMaster (2018.09)
61Akhmad Baiquni MuhaeminBarriers to Neighborhood Walkability in Indonesian City ; Case of Bandar lampungMaster (2018.09)Indonesia Linkage
62Manyatsi LindelwaRainwater management for increased rain-fed maize productivity
among small scale farmers
Master (2018.09)ABE Scholarship
63Bismark Adu GyamfiImpacts of Coastal Erosion on Housing Infrastructure and Distribution in Keta Municipal of GhanaMaster (2018.09)ABE Scholarship
44倪凱駿東京都における自然観光コースのバリアフリーの実態調査と提言ー車椅子利用者の視点からーMaster (2019.09)
70Vavorita BarliantiThe Effectiveness of Spatial Planning on Preserving
Paddy Field in Gianyar Regency: Case of Ubud
Master (2019.09)Indonesia Linkage
71Kali Hamzah Siregar MuhammadAdaptation to Improve thermal Comfort In Tropical City : Case Study Of Medan CityMaster (2019.09)Indonesia Linkage
72Borkat Harahap VitoAssessment of Crowdsourcing Potholes Monitoring and Road Roughness Performance: Case Study of JalanKitaMaster (2019.09)Indonesia Linkage
67張鋭逸Design Walkable, Cycle-able CitiesMaster (2020.03)
68Anwaar AlhinaiSmart University Campus and Smart CitiesMaster (2020.03)
69劉漢宇Assessing urban sectoral impact on food-water-energy nexus based on imported endogenous input-output modelMaster (2020.09)
73Nugroho Mardi Utomo WahyuEffects of Land Use and Human Activities on Water Quality in The Upper Boyong/Code River in Sleman Regency, Special Region of YogyakartaMaster (2020.09)Indonesia Linkage
74Rendra AdinataPublic Transport Equity in Batu Tourism CityMaster (2020.09)Indonesia Linkage
75Kartika Tindaon RekhaSustainable Urban Heritage Conservation in Terms of Spatial Structure of the Physical Environment: Case Study on Old Town of Tanjugpinang City, Riau Islands Province, IndonesiaMaster (2020.09)Indonesia Linkage
76Eka Septi WidiyaniPower Relation Pattern in Community Participation in Decentralized Master (2020.09)Indonesia Linkage
77中山俊大都市郊外における集約型都市構造への移行に伴う食料需給のギャップ分析 | A gap analysis between the supply and demand of food as suburbs transition to compact citiesMaster (2020.09)