Climate Change and Disaster Risk Governance System for Sustainable Development

With the enactment of Paris Agreement and the UN SDGs both in 2015, human society is advancing toward a new paradigm that overcome the negative impact of industrialization and find a new way to motor economic growth. It is full of uncertainty and risks without established solutions with conventional social and economic systems. This course is designated to share advanced ideas and technologies to tackle global risks toward resilient and sustainable society through innovations of technology, business models, policy and regulation.

The aim of this course is to 1) share information and idea cross laboratories, 2) report recent advanced research projects, 3) encourage cooperations cross laboratories, 4) help each other to set up projects

The course is arranged by presentations either from professors or students, poster sessions and group discussions etc.


  • Wanglin Yan
  • Tomohiro Ichinose
  • Yasushi Kiyoki
  • Rajib Shaw
  • Satoko OKI
  • Yoshiaki Miyamoto
  • Vu Le Thao Chi
  • Lynn Thiesmeyer

Current Activities

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